The Pokemon Adventures

Welcome to the Kingdom of Wescen

The Kingdom of Wescen is divided into fifteen provinces. Each province is ruled by a baron or baroness and every year one of these provincial leaders must defend their rule in a tournament. To gain access to the tournament would-be barons and baronesses must first acquire eight medals of victory from the provincial dukes or duchesses. To receive a medal of victory a challenger must defeat the duke or duchess in a battle of Pokemon. Anyone may challenge a duke or duchess, but only those challengers that receive eight medals may progress onto the final tournament.

With the increased traffic in the challenged province brought by the Pokemon tournament many traders, entertainers, and the adventurous like come into the area to take advantage of the increased gold in the region. These groups set up market days, festivals, or other points of interest to collect this excess gold. Most notable of these event sis the Pokemon Entertainment Championship. Throughout the year several competitions are held where the winner receives a gold prize and a symbol of victory. At the end of the year, just before the final Pokemon tournament, the Entertainment Championship is held. Each of the contestants must have won three previous competitions. The victor of the Championship typically receives a fantastical item and a large sum of gold.

In addition to the goods and travelers coming into the region, many new and exotic Pokemon are brought into tournament regions. These Pokemon are brought by travelling trainers, breeders, entertainers, professors, traders, and others who look to impress with or earn profit from Pokemon.

While the tournaments bring lots of visitors into the region, it is still dangerous to travel. Most of the regions are still very wild with brigands, wild Pokemon, and monsters in the wild areas of the region. Usually only the immediate area around settlements are well protected and that is not a guarantee. The roads between settlements are usually well traveled during tournaments which makes them safer than normal, but even still they can be dangerous. Many burgeoning trainers offer their services to patrol these routes to earn experience and join the ranks of those that challenge the dukes, duchesses, barons, and baronesses and maybe even one day the King himself.


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